Evening Christmas town


  • Watercolor illustration. Printable file. Instant download
  • Digital file type: Hight quality 4Мб. Color model: SMYK
  • Image size: 38×19 cm 300 pixels/inch

Evening Christmas town. Winter time: snow-covered streets, people walking with children buying gifts, there is a New Year tree in the square, Santa Claus is driving Christmas gifts in a red car. Watercolor Christmas illustration. You can use for New Year’s cards, invitations, New Year’s packaging designs, etc.

Other watercolor illustration of Christmas town:  https://www.marmarclipart.com/product/funny-boy/#.YIP1kH0zbm0

Christmas evening town:  https://www.marmarclipart.com/product/christmas-seamless-pattern-tree-and-gifts/#.YIP2Fn0zbm0



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