If I haven’t found a suitable clipart on your website, can you draw it for my project?

Of course, I will happily draw you a watercolor, vector, digital illustration or vector clipart for your project that suits your task. These works will be created for you under a royalty free commercial license and then published for sale on this site. In some cases, by mutual agreement, I can do the work for you under an exclusive license without further resale on this site.

Can I use your watercolor illustrations or vector clipart for sale on T-shirts, prints and other merchandise?

Yes, you can use them to print on any product subject to the terms of Extended print license. In the case where the Content is the main element or function of the design and is printed without modification and processing as Standalone Content, attribution is mandatory © MarMarClipart.com.

Why the printed image is different in color from the image on the website?

The difference between what you see on the monitor and the printed image is a consequence of: 1) the difference between RGB and CMYK color models, 2) the difference between a person’s perception of emitted and reflected light, 3) depending on the color settings of your printer or printing equipment.

The monitor emits light and has an RGB color model, so the colors on the screen are brighter and more contrasting. The printed image reflects light, and most printers use CMYK technology based on the dots of the four primary colors: C-cyan, M-magenta, Y-yellow, and K-black. By mixing these primary colors, we get all the others.
In contrast to RGB technology, here mixing all colors gives black, and the absence of all colors gives the color of the paper.

Most of the watercolor and digital illustrations presented on the site are in RGB color model, you can adapt them for printing by changing the file color settings according to the settings of your printer or printing equipment.

Can I get a refund for downloaded files if I am not satisfied with the quality of the files?

You download watercolor and vector clipart at your own risk as specified in the License agreement. But all the files presented on the site have a resolution of 300 pix/inch, which guarantees good print quality while maintaining the sizes indicated in the description, so MarMarClipart.com does not refund money for downloaded files.

If you have further questions, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me

How to print watercolor?

You have downloaded a watercolor file, what is the best way to print it to get a print that mimics the original watercolor as much as possible? It is better to print watercolor on an inkjet printer on special art paper. If you have a color inkjet printer in your home that can print on thick art paper – great! Buy special printing art paper and print the downloaded file.

List of manufacturers of watercolor inkjet art paper:

Innova: https://innovaart.com/product-category/fine-art-range/ You can also download color ICC Profiles for your printer on the website: https://innovaart.com/icc-profiles-1/

Hahnemühle: https://www.hahnemuehle.com/en/digital-fineart/fineart-media.html

Epson: https://www.epson.eu/en/for-home/paper-finder

SIHL: https://www.sihl.com/en/products/applications/photo-art/

If you do not have an inkjet printer at home, contact a specialized printing center. Experts will help with choosing the right paper and poster size.