Cute girl with a snowflake


  • Watercolor, white background with work path. Digital download
  • Digital file type: JPG high quality 7Mb. Color model: SMYK
  • Image size: 20×40 cm  300 pixels/inch

Cute girl with a snowflake. Looking for a cute and festive illustration to use for your New Year’s projects, cards, invitations, or packaging design? Look no further than this adorable hand-made watercolor illustration of a girl with a snowflake!

The intricate details and delicate brushstrokes of the watercolor technique bring the image to life, with the perfect balance of whimsy and elegance. The girl’s rosy cheeks and bright eyes convey a sense of joy and wonder, while the snowflake adds a touch of winter magic.

Whether you’re looking to create a Christmas holiday card, decorate your party invitations, or add a special touch to your packaging design, this charming illustration is sure to delight and captivate your audience. So why not add a little bit of magic and wonder to your New Year’s projects with this lovely watercolor illustration?

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You can buy a set of 4 Christmas characters here:

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