Red oranges with flowers and butterfly


  • Watercolor, white background with work path. Digital download
  • Digital file type: OrangeBatterfly.jpg 5Mb. Color model: RGB
  • Image size: 40×23 cm  300 pixels/inch

Red oranges with flowers and butterfly. Watercolor. Red oranges, flowers, and butterfly come together in a delightful composition in this watercolor illustration available in digital form. The vibrant red oranges contrast beautifully with the delicate flowers and the fluttering butterfly, creating a piece of art.
By downloading the printable file, you can easily incorporate this artwork into your home decoration or design projects. Whether you’re creating cards, invitations, packaging designs, labels, or any other creative endeavor, this illustration adds a touch of nature’s beauty and elegance to your work.
Let the charm of red oranges, flowers, and butterfly infuse your designs with a sense of freshness and creativity. Embrace the versatility of this artwork and bring a whimsical touch to your projects with this lovely watercolour illustration.

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