Valle delle Cartiere


  • Watercolor paper 300gr. Watercolor paints
  • Image size: 25,5×35,5 cm

Valle delle Cartiere. Watercolor sketch. Italian landscape near Lake Garda.

This valley is located in a crevice in the mountains near Toscolano Maderno on Lake Garda.
I drew Valle delle Cartiere with its slender cypresses, olive trees and the mountain stream that cuts through it, which feeds our wonderful Lake Garda.
The history of this valley is interesting: from the 15th-16th centuries there was a paper factory there. The paper mill continued to operate until 1962, and with it paper production in the Valley ceased. You may be interested in visiting the Museum of Paper, which is located on the territory of the ancient paper center Maina Inferiore.

I hope this watercolor will decorate your home: kitchen, living room or bedroom…

Other watercolor sketch from Valle delle Cartiere “Mountain stream”


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 37 × 1 cm